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Hi..i have fido pulse plan which included subscription for premium spotify for 2 years. I'm on my 4th month on my subscription,how come my account said it's free. And can't access any playlist.
6 Replies

Hi there,

If you're not seeing all your playlists anymore, you're likely logged into the wrong Free account instead of your Premium.

Do i need to make new account?

What should i do?

You can try logging in using your Facebook creditials if you have a Facebook-created account. If you've created your Spotify account using your email address, make sure to log in with your username(not your email address) and password.

I already did that and still can't get through. I mean my subscription still free

Hi there,


If you're sure that you are on the same account that's Premium before, you can get in touch with Fido and confirm if you still have your Premium active on their end.

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