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Switch between 2 profiles in single phone

Switch between 2 profiles in single phone

Plan: Premium

Country: Argentina


Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro


Operating System: Android 12


My Question or Issue:


Hi!. I use Spotify on my phone on a daily basis. I also use it to play music for my kids when connected to the car using Android Auto. Is there any way to switch from my (adult) profile to my kid's profile?. I'd like to do this because playing kids songs is totally screwing up my suggestions and Discover Weekly. I'd like to keep things separated but using the same device if possible.


Thanks a lot!

21 Replies

This just rolled out to me the other day.


Working great so far!

I had it working for a week or so, but now the option to switch accounts isn't available for me any more 😞

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