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Switch to Student Discount

Switch to Student Discount

Hello, I have a $10 Spotify Premium subscription right now, but I'd like to switch to a Student subscription.  I went to  When I clicked "Get Premium", it took me to  How do I sign up for the discount!


Thanks for the help!

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To switch to the student discount subscription, go here:


Can I get the student discount if I’m on Premium already?

Yep! All you need to do is sign up at and the discounted rate will automatically begin on your next billing date.



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Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I am not able to sign up for the student plan. I have already cancelled my premium subscription, and it is still valid till the 1st of April (after which I will be switched to the free version). When I click on the "Get Premium" button on the Student sign up page and log in, I am directed to the Account Overview page ( instead of a form asking for my student details.


Will I have to wait for the subscription to expire before signing up for the student discount? If yes, that would not be ideal for me, as I would have to re-download my entire library again for offline access 😞

If I cancel my account in order to switch to a student discounted account, will I lose all of my playlists?



That's my question ^^

I have tried changing my premium account to the student discount and it says it has worked, but I have been getting billed for both a premium account AND a student account. What in the hell do I do?

I have tried changing my premium account to the student discount and it says it has worked, but I have been getting billed for both a premium account AND a student account. What in the hell do I do?

@MattSuda's response worked perfectly for me!

I just saw that I can switch my account to student.  I have been paying 10 for some many months.   I do not want to lose my playlists.  How can i cancel my account , open a student account and retain my playlists and starred songs? 

Changing your subscription shouldn't affect your playlists, etc. Just like how upgrading from free didn't affect them, your playlists will still be there after changing your subscription status. The subscriptions only affect ads and offline playlists, etc. As far as I know at least.

will i be able to keep the music i currently have on my phone?

I'm currently in the process of doing the same thing. When you cancel your premium, your account remains live and your playlists still available. (Just lacking the feature of spotify premium). After creating a new student account, I'm going to go "follow" my old account and just recopy the playlists. I don't think there is an easier way....

Hi rellen827,

Will you let me know if that works!?


I ended up switching to a student discount another way. And it seems to
have worked!

Logging in to my spotify account on the web, it says I will be charged for
my premium account on "X" date and will be charged "$9.99". I then
cancelled my premium account, and the status then changed to "Your premium
will end on "X" date and you will not be charged." It then proceeded to
tell me to rejoin premium....

I then found the "Student Discount" page on spotify's website (While I was
still logged into my account). And clicked to sign up for Spotify student,
I put my credit card info in, and it verified I am a student, and it
worked! Now, when I go to my account info on spotify's website, it says I
will be charged "$4.99 on X date".

Result: I did not have to cancel my old account, and was able to easily
switch from paying $9.99 a month to $4.99 per month.

I hope this helps someone out there stuck in the same situation I was in!

Awesome! So you can cancel your premium account without deleting your whole
spotify? That makes sense.

Thanks for your help!

This works perfectly! Thanks.


Worked perfectly! Great Response, Thanks!!

Will this erase all of the songs from my previous account ?

No, once you sign up again all our music, playlists, songs etc. will still
be there.

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