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The app freezes after trying to log in.

The app freezes after trying to log in.

Dear Spotify Community,


I just downloaded the Spotify app for Windows PC (8.1), but from the very first attempt to log in, the app freezes. I first changed my default browser to Internet Explorer and that helped a bit, because at least a browser gave a response. After clicking "Log in with Facebook" in the app, the browser opened and showed "Logging in with Facebook...". Then the browser dissappeared and, but I the app didn't respond at all and even gave me no error notification. 

Then I tried to log in with my Facebook e-mail address and afterwards with my username and password. Again the app froze and the buttons "Log in with Facebook" and the normal "Log in" were unavailable. I also tried to reinstall Spotify and besides, logging in on the web-app failed. The page kept on "Connecting with Facebook", whitout any result. 

I hope anyone has a solution for me, as I couldn't find the exact same problem on this website and I really want to use Spotify. Thanks in advance!



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Hello and welcome to the community!

Let's troubleshoot this! Have you tried:

  1. clearing cache in your browsers?  
  2. uninstalling and re-installing the client?

Then try again. Let me know if this helps!



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I'm having this issue when trying to log in via desktop app on windows 7. Clearing cache is unsuccessful as well as uninstalling and re-installing. Please help, it's pretty frustrating.

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