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Trouble playing music

Trouble playing music

I have just upgraded to a Samsung mobile and would like to play my spotify music on it, so I have upgraded to a premium spotify account, and installed the spotify software on it. It seems to have only synced 'local files' and will not play most of my downloads. I have switched it to offline mode but that doesn't work. Also I can only press the shuffle button on my Samsung to listen to these local files and nothing else.

I had a similar issue last year when I went abroad and tried to listen to all of my spotify playlists on my laptop offline, but again it only played local files unless I had internet connection. I couldn't resolve it so I downgraded my account and forgot about the issue.

Now on my Samsung, whether I am online or not, I cannot seem to listen to anything but local files.

I am sure there must be a simple solution, could someone help me?

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Hi. It sounds like your android may be logged into a different account. Can you just open up the app settings, scroll to the bottom and make a note of the name you are logged in under then compare it with the username shown on this page. Do they agree? Also what does it show under subscription status on that page?

Hi, thanks for your reply. It seems my android is now playing all of my spotify music offline, it looks like after downloading it all and syncing it just needed some time. However my laptop still only plays local files and will not let me play anything else on my playlist if it's offline. Is there anything I can do to rectify this as I thought premium subscription meant I could listen to everything offline on any gadget.

To listen to spotify content offline on your laptop, you need to download it first by marking it available offline. Have a read of this FAQ. Maybe some of the others will be useful too.

Hi again,


Thanks I've marked my playlists available offline, but they still won't play. Not sure where to go from here, 

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