Two accounts linked to one email address


Two accounts linked to one email address

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Currently I can sign into Spotify (web & app) with both a Username/Password and using Facebook to sign in. They both have different usernames associated, however they both share the same email address.


When I sign in using Facebook, my username is a 9 digit string. My playlists, followers and recently played tracks are all correct. My avatar is also pulled from FB.

When I sign in using the Username/Password, my username is set to what I used to sign in, no avatar is pulled, and all my playlists, followers and recently played tracks are gone.

They are both using the same email address.


Additionally, I just now tried to sign in using Facebook and it defaulted to my facebook account for work (which has not been signed up with for Spotify and uses a different email address),... It's kind of a total mess right now.


Are you guys associating accounts based on usernames and not email addresses?


So two things:
1) I would like to be able to sign into my account using my username/password and have my correct Facebook account be linked to said account/email address.

2) If I buy premium with one account (on the shared email address) and it turns out to be the wrong username, would the premium only be associated with that one username or email address?

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Are you sure that both accounts are on the same e-mail adress? That should't be possible.

You can check that on the account overview page.

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Just re-checked and yeah, they both have the same email account in the account overview page.

I took screenshots but I don't want to publicy share my email address.

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Tell me about it.   I have two different accounts and just one email.   When I log in with email on my computer it takes me to one account,   If I long in with email on my [hone it takes me to a completely different account.    Any help to resolve this???


I have the same problem! I had completely different playlists on my phone then on my computer when logging into spotify. i just got a new phone and now the playlists and songs i saved on my "phone's spotify" are all gone and the playlist matches the songs on my "computers spotify" how to i figure out where my other username went that i had on my phone?


it is easy to remember.


Same here. In fact, when I click on "View Account" in desktop App it takes me to Spotify site where "the other" account is shown --> no playlist, no avatar, NOT PREMIUM account. 

Things're getting weird.