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Unable to add additional information after deleting Facebook

Unable to add additional information after deleting Facebook

Hello everybody,


Several years ago I decided to join Spotify and connect it to my Facebook account.

However, a few months ago I deleted my Facebook account (I deleted it, I did not deactivate it) and now I am not able to change or add any information.

I want to subscribe to Spotify Premium Family and therefore I need to add the address to my profile.

2 Replies

Hey @arminganic, welcome to the Community!


You're able to add an address when inviting the first member to your Premium for Family. Besides that though, what other info are you having trouble editing? 


Do you have any issues if you log in using an incognito window?


Let us know.

Hello @SergioDavid, thank you!


That worked for me, thanks. I would like to change the name of my profile. Currently, it displays a number next to my profile picture where my name should be.


And in case I move to a different place (or country), I would not be able to change either the country or the postal code in the settings.


I just tried it using an incognito window and I had the same problem.



It's just the profile name, email, gender, date of birth and country I could not change. The postal code is not even listed in the settings and there is no way I could add the information.

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