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Unable to rejoin Family Plan due to confirmation email going to SPAM

Unable to rejoin Family Plan due to confirmation email going to SPAM

My girlfriend and I live together, and have for the past 4 years, and we share a family plan. Recently I got an email stating:


"You’ve lost access to Spotify Premium Family. We weren’t able to confirm the address for your plan, so we’ve moved your account to the free version of Spotify. You won’t be able to rejoin the plan you were on"

Thinking this may be spam, I looked at my account and noticed I am not on the plan any more... Reviewing my email, nothing was in my inbox from Spotify regarding this confirmation, however, it was in my Spam folder. The thing that really tickles me odd is somehow all other Spotify emails are going to my inbox... so that is weird.


I asked my girlfriend to re-send an invite to me but now I get this message:

"We couldn’t confirm that you live with the plan manager for this Premium plan. You can join someone else’s plan again in 12 months."


There is a lot wrong here purely from a services industry perspective, especially looking at when it went to my spam, it was an 8 day window with no real effort to make positive contact. Additionally, nothing within the Spotify app even notified me of this. In an age of notifications being pushed to us from every single application on our phones, there is really no excuse here.


I am looking to get back onto our plan but seems this is the only avenue I have to engage support. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Hey there @ptf4u07,


Thank you for your post here in the Community and for the detailed explanation.


Sometimes the messages gets into the spam/junk folder so it's good to have a look in there as well from time to time.


In this case we suggest that you contact our customer support so that they can help you further with this if you didn't verified your account in time. You can contact them here.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else 🙂

Take care!

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I had the same issue. I cancelled our accounts, sold all the stock i own in Spotify, and notified my friends who work at Spotify to RUN RUN RUN for the doors.  Spotify cancelled our account after apparently sending an email, emails that went in most cases to spam or old email addresses in my daughters case.  They demanded some address verification, which were happy to do. But, meanwhile, 100% of my family was using the app, almost EVERY DAY, and had they simply put up a screen that says "ANSWER THIS QUESTION OR WE CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT" then i'm sure we would have done it.  When i logged in, our address was in the account.  But, look, if you need a user to do something, ask them when they're in your app.  don't send emails with an 8 day timelines and cancel when no one reads emails, right?   But the reason I cancelled, sold my stock, and notified my friends to RUN away was because only the worst run company would terminate their users by email THEN, this is the kicker, not allow you to fix the problem.   That's the kicker.  RUN.  If you have a spotify account, RUN AWAY NOW.  Only the worst run companies in the world terminate subscribers then REFUSE TO LET THEM RE-JOIN.


I told them when they asked that I would need $500 to re-join, because an idiotic company like Spotify (which it's now apparently become) will waste at least $500 of my time per year.  So, we're now an Apple Music Family.  Yes, we lost 7 years of playlists.   We lost all of the shared playlists.   But, you can't make up this level of incompetence. 


I can promise you, this would NEVER happen with Apple and for that reason, we're now an Apple Music Family.  If you have run into the same issue, I'd recommend you take the pain of rebuilding playlists and start over... it's only going to get worse from here.







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