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Unsearchable spotify account

Unsearchable spotify account

I am linked with Facebook, my friends can't search me and neither can users that aren't my friends. I can search for them, but they've brought it to my attention that the only way they can go my profile is if they go to their following. How do i become public/searchable again

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This is because when signing up with facebook, Spotify randomly asigns you with a username, your facebook name will be asigned only as a display name.

Your actual username is "12186432928". Which I assume is not what you and your friends searched for.

And unfortunately you cannot change your "username"( so your friends are going to have to type in those numbers to find you.

Ok, I know they have User IDs as well so your saying I can search my friends by their facebook name, but they're going to have to search me by my User ID

To find users in search, you need to write their username, not display names.

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