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Upgraded to premium and still seeing ads

Upgraded to premium and still seeing ads



I just started the premum trial. I've verified my account is premium in the options (and the increased sound quality is checked and didn't ask me to upgrade).


My problem is that when I click on Discover, I still see adds for banks and stuff. The only reason I would subscribe is to get rid of ads (I HATE ads with a burnin passion). If I am still required to look at ads even when I pay, I will not be continuing the subscription after the trial is over.


Does anyone know if these visual ads are supposed to be removed with premium and I am just having some technical issue, or do you still have to view ads even if you are a paying customer?



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Hello, @w1res! It's nothing that you should be worried about as the visual ads that you see will vanish in no time. I'd recommend logging out and then logging in as it will force Spotify to double verify your account level and disable all the ads in the client.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already done the logging-out-and-back-in, and I just did it again to make sure.


I'm not getting any of the other ads, just the one on the top of the discover page. But this is still really annoying me because:


  1. I don't want to see any ads
  2. The discover page is the first page to open (and it has the ad)
  3. The ad loads before any of the content loads

Any more help will be appreciated!

It may be something with the cache since you've just upgraded. If I were you, I'd simply give it some time without playing with the client. I'd suggest performing a clean reinstallation / restarting your machine as it might solve the problem. If it doesn't help then it's definitely something with the server cache and should automatically fix itself within 24 hours.

Thanks for the help, I will see if that works!

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