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Why can't we play on more than one device?


Why can't we play on more than one device?

Just recently have I noticed that I can only play on one device at a time.


Me and my girlfriend have completely different music tastes though we usually share the same spotify account.


I was playing some music on my computer and as soon as my girlfriend who was sitting basically right next to me tried to play some other music, it paused my playback and refuses to play two at the same time.


I am VERY dissapointed by this and after this month I will be leaving spotify until this has been resloved, it should atleast allow 2-3 devices active at one time nevermind blocking more than one, especially with the very dated song selection which is rediculous at £9.99 a month.


The £9.99 a month plan also sells the plan by showing a photo of MULTIPLE devices next to each other, VERY misleading.

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So, that means that a family of 4 like mine I would have to pay for 4 subscriptions? So, $40 per month!! Spotify should consider offering a family option, I will probably cancel my subscription to.


I thought spotify does a family deal. Double check. it only becomes a problem if you cant share with spotify. Only one person can be online at once. But if you save some music to your handset and go offline for when you notice another family member switching your songs. Lol

You must be ignoring the dozens of people in this thread alone who are addressing the issue. To say "You can play from 3 devices" means I should be able to play from 3 devices...not using a workaround such as offline mode.

I found this thread because I was trying to find the solution, and there are many other threads just like this addressing the same issue. A lot of people are a bit confused at the false advertising here regarding "stream on multiple devices."

That was a really unprofessional response. I also find this annoying, and was hoping the policy could be changed.

There are alternatives to Spotify that aren't as strict, but I shouldn't be saying that here lol.

Your response is very rude as a representative of Spotify. Very poor customer service. I have the same problem with not being able to play music on 2 different devices at 2 different times. So your sentence us incorrect. There in fact IS someone else complaining. It's not helpful to just state 'read the terms and conditions' it would be better if you were HELPFUL. Another customer bites the dust.

I've been using Google Play music since this incident, and with the new YouTube red coming with Google Play it makes it even more worth it. Multiple devices and YouTube Red.

Yup I can led them several months ago and went to Apple Music 14.99 a month and my entire family of five can use it all at the same time even share our Apps

I really wish they would allow it to be played in multiple locations. I got spotify to play soothing music for the animals in my shelter, but they're not all in the same room/area.

Even netflix allows streaming of videos on more than 1 device simultaneously with their basic streaming plan.

I pay a little extra for netflix to do this adn would be willing to pay Spotify extra also for this feature

I agree with how the representatives were talking, and with the point for 13$ a month in the U.S. It should be allowed to steam multiple devices. But, the way they talk on this thread they want to lose business so I am gonna try Amazon prime see how it is.

Personally I think the Spotify approach is a bad approach.


  1. In my country, Switzerland, the Radio/TV fees are per household and not individuals.
  2. I often move between rooms and switch between devices I'm listening to, this always interrupts and stops the other device.
  3. Even switching between my tablett or phone and the TV whan I have to do in the living room leads to interruptions.
  4. Not all family members want a Spotify account per se. Our sons share the household a few days a year.

If Spotify would provide a familly or household account with free use on up to 5 devices (just to give a number) I would be willing to pay more. On the other hand, if I find another service of equal quality that service I would certainly give it a try.

I agree. It's very misleading. No point teally

I used to have Rdio before they went out of business. I was able to use it on as many devices as I wanted and share it with my brother. Much better service than spotify, but also the reason it went out of business.

Easy download your playlists and go to settings and select go offline you will only be able to play songs you downloaded. And your GF can do the same it will show you within how many days you have to go online to verify you are still paying your subscription.

I got here because I have the same issue and this solved it.

What happens is that even your songs are offline you are still establishing connection with Spotify servers.

It worked for me but it will be a good chance for Spotify to create basic, premium or family accounts like Netflix or Itunes Store you pay for a song or album.and it can be downloaded within your family. I understand is different licensing but i I pay extra $20 MXN in my Netflix account and I get 2 devices simultaneously if I want only one I'll pay $79.00 MXN .

I am very dissapointed that at least 2 to 3 people cant share when they have that with netflix and Hulu this is the apitimy of greed. i am looking into other apps that are more generous.

Terrible feedback

Glad I'm not paying for this with me having a years offer. Spotify good to certain point but defo a lot better apps to use than Spotify. Reading through this thread I find terrible! The attitude on the responses is disgraceful and because of that also I have definitely made my mind up. Why would you pay for a service when you have arrogant tossers like yourselves replying the way you are!!

people living togther should be able to use the same account and pay the single price

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