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Why can't we play on more than one device?


Why can't we play on more than one device?

Just recently have I noticed that I can only play on one device at a time.


Me and my girlfriend have completely different music tastes though we usually share the same spotify account.


I was playing some music on my computer and as soon as my girlfriend who was sitting basically right next to me tried to play some other music, it paused my playback and refuses to play two at the same time.


I am VERY dissapointed by this and after this month I will be leaving spotify until this has been resloved, it should atleast allow 2-3 devices active at one time nevermind blocking more than one, especially with the very dated song selection which is rediculous at £9.99 a month.


The £9.99 a month plan also sells the plan by showing a photo of MULTIPLE devices next to each other, VERY misleading.

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Set up yopur children with email adresses on Yahoo or Google. Just remember that you might need to be a bit creative on how old they are because there is a limit. 

Then you send invitations from your "master" account and accepting this on each email account. Last you set up a new Spotify account with the information given, and you are all ready to go!


Good luck

Same situation, now I can't play on different devices at once, at least you should make it possible to have family sharing as Apple did.
One of the great advantages of Spotify was less restrictions, will switch back to iTunes.

I was thinking the same thing!

Honestly if you changed that so there can be more than one device playing at the same time with different music you'd probably get more subscriptions

no, please read previous post, you have one subscription!

Not when I asked the question. I have since downgraded.
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I understand it is for "personal use". Personally I am confused as I have had a Premium account for over 3 years now and never had this issue. All of the sudden I am no longer to listen to my music while my teenager is listening to hers. In reference to your comment telling the gentleman his girlfriend should be paying for her own. Is this something you propose I do as well? I purchased the Premium account because of this capability of listening on two or three different devices. Seems rather expensive for me to pay for three single devices for three different accounts, dont you think? Personally I am reconsidering my decision as well. The simple logic is I would save money deleting my account and adding 10$ to my phone company to add mb. I certainly will not pay 30$ a month and its utterly ridiculous for you to suggest any one to do such a thing. PREMIUM means thats the top of the line that you have to offer. This certainly calls for a meeting of the minds to clarify what you can offer as far as "Family or Premium plans" are concerned. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. BLESSED BE.

Spotify used to allow more than one device at a time to listen to music. That's what people are so upset about. I was never notified of any change, it just happened and it's really frustrating.

Hey @MarieCorona,


With your Premium account, you can listen in multiples devices, but not at the same time. In other words, your daughter could listen to one of your devices if you're not using the account at the time.


If you both want to listen, it'd be better for you to each have your own account, with different libraries, friends and recommendations. You can upgrade your account to Family Premium here.


Each family member has to have a separate username and password.


The account that pays then links the other family members to the plan through the Spotify website.


After that, each family member will be able to listen to music at the same time, have different playlists, library and friends.


Hope it helps. 🙂

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Thank you....yes it does.

When you say only one stream at the time, whay can't I listen on two devices the same stream? e.g. kitchen and living room and bathroom as I usually do with my wifi speakers


Download whatever you want to listen to from premium onto your mobile device( you can browse and download while other people are listening) and then put your device into airplane mode and you can listen away while other people are streaming. ;D

It would be very cool if we could listen to ONE stream on multiple devices. I'm NOT asking to be able to listen to multiple streams on multiple devices. But let me play one stream across AT LEAST TWO devices and I'd be a very happy customer. This current policy isn't really keeping up with how people want to use the service.

even though I have signed OUT of my Chromebook acct I cannot get Spotify on my Ipad. So now not only do you not allow simultaneous play but you are blocking play on more than one device.

I pay £14.99 per month for family premium as I understood that my children and I can listen to our devices at the same time as we have different music choices, is that not correct as I contacted spotify before purchasing.  Until today we have not had a problem but it keeps disonnecting me (im at work) and my children must be listening at home.

Do they have their own log in and passwords? We have no issues listening at the same time. My son and husband have their own log in and password.

I want to play spodify on more than one device at the same time! I have a internet reciver and air play speaker in the room next store. Same music all at once!


Use Deezer-much better

I just signed on to Spotify on Sunday.  Fortunately it only cost me .99 for 3 months as part of a new subscriber program.  Playing on multiple devices at the same time is an important part of our listening.  It's too bad i have to leave, because I was starting to like the feel for the site.  I guess I will need to start the search again.  Sorry Spotify- glad it only cost me .99 for the three days I have used it.

I agree with the fact that premium should include a family plan persay... I at times with no others wanting too be involved but had a party... I would like music inside and also outside... should be able too share with 1 other device... maybe after 2 devices add 3 for 14.99... that's why most people don't go premium... I just started 3 month trial for .99 cents... probably won't continue with premium if they can't provide 2 places too listen... like I said have a party inside and out... (I'm not spending mass amounts of dollars on a new inside and outside sound system) even if it was 14.99 too listen on 2 devices... come on Spotify don't make me keep you free and listen too iheart and / or pandora...

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