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account, log in

account, log in

Cant log in with my previous spotify account [email hidden for security reasons], when loggin in with facebook i get message:


You do not have a Spotify account connected to your Facebook account. If you have a Spotify account, please log in with your Spotify credentials. If you do not have a Spotify account, sign up.

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Hello and welcome in the community!

Sorry for hiding your email adress, you can never be too safe on the internet!

Let's troubleshoot this. So, when you try to log, do you usually do that via Facebook login, right? You can try to log in then by entering the first part of your email (the part before the @) and FB password in the Spotify account credentials. Sometimes glitches happen!


If it persists, please try to log in again after clearing out your browser's cache or by doing the whole process via another browser.

Let me know how it worked.


Hope this helped!



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