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"Songs" Section

"Songs" Section

Okay, I'm confused. In "Your Library", the section "Songs" isn't making any sense to me. What exactly is that section for?? The fact of the matter is that 75% of the songs in there, I've never even heard of let alone played. Same with the artists that are in there. So how did those songs get there? I know for a fact that I've not played those/clicked those/whatevered-those songs lol. There are 34 "saved" songs in there and well over half are a mystery to me. I've done a ton of Googling but nothing answers my question! Thx!! 

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Hey @tiffmarief, welcome to the Community!


 Everything in Your Library is stuff you've saved. The content under Songs and Artists are tracks and artists you've saved or followed.


If you don't want them to be part of Your Library, you can remove them by hovering over the check mark and clicking the X. 


You can find more info on this here.


Hope that helps 🙂

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