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app says i am on a different country, cannot log in

app says i am on a different country, cannot log in

  1. To whom it may concern:


I would like to ask for your assistance in editing the settings of my spotify account. I am currently on premium but I cannot log in to my account, so the premium is somewhat useless now until I am able to log back in.


The app says I am out of the country and that I need to change my account settings. But when I checked my account online, the correct country settings are reflected (Philippines).


What do I need to do more to activate the country settings? If you could possibly do something about this soonest, it would be very much appreciated. You can contact me through my email "removed sensitive information /L". Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


Best regards,

Monica Buenaventura

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Hey! Welcome to the Spotify Community 🙂 Hope that you're well.

I'm not glad to hear that you are having trouble. May I ask you to confirm that the account you subscribed to and the one you are logging in to are the same?


When you successfully upgrade to Spotify Premium, you receive a confirmation email. Please make sure, that when you are logging in to the account, you are using that username on the email. If its a ten digit number, use the log in with facebook tab.


This just to make sure that your account is on premium, because free accounts have a limit of 14 days abroad.
If things worked out, or if you are having troubles finding the right account, please come back to me and we can look into some further troubleshooting. Best of luck

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