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hi guys quick q

hi guys quick q

I have read similar threads and I wanted to know the date I opened this key as I remember it was still invite only then, could your wonderful team tell me the date please 

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With 'key' you mean account?

I was originally invited to use Spotify open and thus the account was created I started paying in 2012 3 years ago and I wanted to know first use date

Before I started paying to save confusion

Let me update that I've actually requested that info, I'll update this reply with the answer.


Update: @beneedot They told me to forward you to Support so you can ask this info:


You can contact support by filling this online contact form:
If you receive an automated email directing you to the community and/or help boards, make sure you reply directly to that email (even if it says it is no-reply) and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

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