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how the streams count for a song in different languages?

how the streams count for a song in different languages?


I have a question: if I released an English song, then i did a Spanish version of the same song, and each version have a different ISRC?
Will the streams of both versions (English and Spanish) be merged together?

cuz as far as i  know  the same song in different languages, each version should have a separate stream count.


But I saw an artist releasing a song in different language, and each version had the exact same stream, even though these 2 versions are from the same album and both have different ISCRs, different language!

So can you explain, please? 


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As much as we'd like to help you directly, we aren't the team with the knowledge for that. Could you check if you find your answers in this FAQ? If not, we encourage you to contact the Artist support team directly.


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Does Spotify combines the streams of the different versions(instrumental version,hot version etc)of the same song?


My Question or Issue


Could someone please clarify this? I've been seeing a lot of tweets stating that the streams of the original version of a particular song and its remixes are combined, or that the streams of the remixes and the original version count as one for the Spotify daily chart. Because if this is true, why do the remixes have a separate stream count on the chart and on the artist's profile as well?


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