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message:"User is flagged as abuser"

message:"User is flagged as abuser"

I created a family plan for my family with a new account and because I wanted
to keep my playlists and friends I decided to invite my old account to family plan, after some weeks using I receave an email from spotity asking me to do an account verification in 7 days, but I missed the deadline and my account switch back to free plan.

After that I sent again an invite from my family plan account to my usual account but when I try to rejoin the plan an error message appears on the screen: "3 - Opa, algo deu errado. Tente de novo." (image attached) and I looked at network request response and appears: 
message:"User is flagged as abuser" (image attached)


Why I'm flagged as abuser? can someone explain me?

Screenshot from 2017-10-16 11-48-49.png
Screenshot from 2017-10-16 11-49-51.png
3 Replies

Me too , Now


I deceide to using KKBOX now.

Did you solve this problem?

Hey everyone!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


This can only happen if the details on the email you received are not followed on time, or if the address used doesn't match the one used by the plan owner.


In this case, the accounts won't be able to join the Premium for Family plan. However, if it's a secondary account or if your family member lives in the same physical address, you can contact our Support team to help you out.


You can reach out to them via Twitter or Facebook. They'll get back to you as soon as possible.


All the best.

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