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reCaptchas = bad user experience

reCaptchas = bad user experience

So Spotify finally came up with a "solution" to stop the spam but has anyone considered how this awful solution affects legitimate users? Try using it on a ultra high resolution display or with less than perfect eyesight. Do you seriously expect us to fight our way through this abonimation every time we make a post? This means a lot of questions will now go unanswered by the community.


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Hi @Joe,


We appreciate you posting about this.


The Captchas are intended to be a temporary measure whilst this is investigated. We’ve recently updated the Legend permissions so that you shouldn’t see this.


We understand your frustration, but rest assured that we're working with Lithium on getting the spamming issue under control as quickly as we can. 


When there’s an update to the situation, we should be posting here.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to any of the Moderators or Managers via the private inbox.



Thanks Jack.

ReCaptcha is f.. annoying, so much if it persists i will just stop trying to engage/help on community.

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