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registered premium via itunes and not informed of price difference

registered premium via itunes and not informed of price difference

While listening to my spotify free version I heard an advertisement for registering for premium by 31 december 2015 and receiving the first three months for 0.99 and every month thereafter for 9.99. I went to take advantage of this but my laptop was being slow so I noticed I could also do it on my iphone through the app store. I did this and then was informed it was 12.99. This confused me so I went back on the computer to the spotify website on my online browser and on the home page saw the ad for the 0.99 offer and clicked it. On my spotify account it said because I registered via itunes I could not take advantage of the deal and could only cancel the subscription through apple (also with a fun fact next to it, "did you know that when you register through itunes it is 30% more expensive?" why no I didn't, because I was not informed!). So I followed the instructions on the apple website to cancel my subscription through the app store and did so on my phone, then was informed that I still had to use the first month for 12.99 and it would end 25 January 2016. I went back onto the web browser on the computer, and now on the spotify home page the ad for the 0.99 deal is not visible and everywhere on the website the only offer I am seeing is that of the family plan and nothing else. And even though I immediately canceled the subscription after registering, it is still valid for one month and I am being charged for it, and I cannot take advanatge of the 0.99 deal now because I can't reregister via spotify until 25 january! As far as I am concerned there is some false advertising going on here and I am quite aggravated!! It would have really helped if on the advertisement they mentioned that it was only valid if registered through spotify directly and not via itunes! Assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Same here. Bogassness.

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