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My account was hacked this morning. I changed paswords immediatley and logged everyone out but my playlists are gone.


A quick google for my email online and I've found 241 compromised emails and passwords for Spotify Premium accounts posted 18th Nov 2018. The leaked data also includes the subscription data and country so has to be Spotify data. 

I've used the contact form to notify Spotify but is there anything else to do? 

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Why has my topic title of 'Data Breach and Account Hacked' been removed?

I reported the data breach and told Spotify that I have secured my account. They have now blocked me from my own account because they can't tell who has access or where from. Do these guys know what they are doing?


All I really want to know is how they lost my data!!

Hey @Street5.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Support will request some form of verification in order to be able to re-activate your account. So reply to their email and they will recover your account for you 🙂


Hope it works. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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