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trouble resetting password and creating a new account with the same email account

trouble resetting password and creating a new account with the same email account

So I couldn't remember my password so I tried to reset my password. However, upon submitting my email address, it says "The username or email you provided is not associated with an active Spotify account." even though i know it is linked to a spotify account (with 2 playlists). When I input my username though, it says that it has sent an email for reset password but I have not received any of it.


With no other solution, I decided to make a whole new account using the same email address since it kept telling me that it wasn't associated to an active account. But spotify would tell me that "We're sorry, that email is taken."


I'm not sure what the solution is since spotify is telling me two different things on the same account. And I wouldn't want to create another account in a different email because I have no other emails. Plus I would like to retrieve the playlists I made for that account.


Really need help on this Thank you! Tell me if I don't make sense or am not explaining it right.

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Hi there @djitterrp,

thanks for posting !


It seems like a case which support needs to take a closer look backstage on your accounts.


Please reach out to support using this "About Us" page.

Note that you should reply to any automated mail you get to quicken things up.


This way, they'll be able to determine why your mail address is "caught" in between and might even free it for you to create a new or sort the current account.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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