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unable to create new account

unable to create new account






surface tab pro

Operating System

 Windows 10


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I am trying to create a new account for my daughter to add her to our family plan but when i go through the sign up process,  i complete the Captcha thing and click sign up and it just loops back to the same page with all the information i entered still there..  have tried this on an ipad,  on my phone and on my surface tab pro


please can you assist in soling this?

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Hey there @neo0383,

thanks for posting in the community !


I strongly suggest trying using an incognito webpage on eaither a PC or MAC as it might do the trick.


Let me know how it goes 😃

I have tried that also, have tried clearing the cache also.

Hey @neo0383.


Thanks for trying that out for us.


Have you checked to make sure that your daughter meets the minimum age requirements? You can do so here 🙂


If she doesn't meet the minimum age requirements in your country, then this might be a reason why you're not able to complete the sign-up process for her.


Keep us posted!

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