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my username on spotify is a string of numbers-nothing to do with my facebook or email- how did this become my username? 


if i cant fix it- how can i delete my account completely and start over? 

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Did you sign up to Spotify with a Facebook account? If yes, that happens to you. You can make a normal account on the sign up page by choosing "Create an account using email address" at the bottom.


If you didn't sign up with Facebook, make sure you log into Spotify using your username, not your email address. Typing an email address on Spotify's username field will attempt a Facebook login, and if you haven't logged into Spotify with that Facebook account before, a new dummy account with a username as bunch of numbers gets created.

i dont remember signing up with spotify so i must have with facebook without ever have signing up with facebook before. so now that i have an account- using my only email address am i stuck with this account username? do i have other options? can i delete my account all together and start over new and have it be correct and working?

The only way to get your account deleted is to have Spotify support do it for you. Then your email address will get freed up and you should be able to make a new account with the email method, which allows you to choose a custom username as well.


You can't change an account's username. However, because you're connected to Facebook now, inside Spotify it should appear as your Facebook real name.



If you still want to delete the account so you can make a new one, send a message to support here:

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