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worst company ever

worst company ever

What kind of stupid company lets somebody from an IP in a country thats never accessed my account before successfully login? Every other service views that as a red flag, especially when I logged in earlier that day in Canada.


And what kind of stupid **bleep** company allows that **bleep**wit from a foreign IP that should have been blocked from logging in to change the email address associated with the account without sending an email requesting confirmation? You know, like every other service does.


And finally, why would said stupid company that allowed someone to login from a country that's never accessed that account before, and allows them to change the email associated with the account then demand the victim prove he owns the account.


Look at your **bleep**ing records. I emailed you from the only **bleep**ing email associated with the account before you **bleep**wads let someone else in. 


Fix your **bleep**bleep** security

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You should secure more your account, instead of cryticizing a company that hasn´t the fault of your problem.

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