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A problem for log in , i guss becouse of my vpn

A problem for log in , i guss becouse of my vpn


I m using spotify app for android , and using my facebook account to log in

Here facebook is filtered by goverment so i usually use a vpn to acsess it (i'm living in iran )

This time i first touched the log in with facebook bottom ,and when the app couldnt make a connection with facebook i remembered i should  connect to my vpn server first , after connctin to my vpn server i tried again to log in , there was an arror like "you seems to try to log in from a different country  " and i couldn't log in , i update my app for any possible solution , now with the last version of the app whern i tried to log in  there is an arror like "enjoying your trip ? For listening abroad for mor than 2 weeks tell us where you are at  "  i has been to the web page and logged in , there are only USA and UK selections for country , and i couldnt find anything related to trip there , 

What should i do to solve the problem ? i really missed my playlists 😟



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