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Albums added to the queue do not appear in any "recently played" view

Albums added to the queue do not appear in any "recently played" view








Operating System

Android Oreo, but I think it's related to all platforms. 


My Question or Issue

 When I listen to an album, it normally appears at the following places:


* recently played on home tab

* recently played on library tab

* if the album is in my library: it appears on top of the list, if I sort the albums in my library by which were most recently played

* on top of that, there also sometimes appear suggestions on the home screen in the "more like..." section 


None of these seems to be the case, if I do not play the album directly, but put it into the queue and play it that way. As soon as the album starts playing, it normally would appear in the places described above. But it doesn't, when played via queue. 

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Hey @pmattke,


If you play an a song a from an artist page, It'll show up as the artist in recently played - with a circle avatar of the artist. If you play the album, It'll show the album cover. 


At this time, individual tracks played on the queue won't show under the 'Recently Played' tab. 


Hope this clears things up!


Well not really. I understand the way it currently works but I find it quite distracting. Of course, I can add single songs to the queue and in that case I find it okay that it is not shown somewhere in recently played.

But still it is possible to add a complete album to the queue, and then I would expect it to show up on recently played. 

Hey @pmattke,


Why not share your idea on our Community Ideas board here? Then, other users can vote for it and add their comments.



If anything else comes up, we'll be here.


Hey @pmattke,


The link should be this one 🙂


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