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Albums not saving

Albums not saving

Recently albums I have saved stay for up to 10 minutes and then disappear from my music. I have also had it when I press the 'save' button and then does not change to 'saved' it just flashes green and then returns to normal. I have not yet tried to save this from my laptop because I have not had access yet and cannot use the web player at work.

Does anyone else have this problem or is there a limit set to how many albums you can save?

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How many albums saved?

Not sure, quite a few. Is there an easy way to tell?


I actually tried this earlier and it does look however like this is now saving OK. So fingers crossed, this may be OK

I can tell you the limit of section is really big and not reached easily.


It might be a network problem or such at Spotify when this occurs.


Please let me know if this problem is with you again in future.

I've been having the same issue recently. Even albums I save and then download for offline use have disappeared after 10 mins or so. When I go back and hit "Save" on them they automatically start to download again.

back again!

so annoying. Just checked my music again and the songs have disappeared. Not sure when but they lasted a few hours this time at least

Hey there.


I'm sorry about this.


This is now escalated to right team in Spotify for investigating.


Please watch this space and post all related information, like device used and Spotify version.

sure, I am using a Nexus 5 running Cyannogenmod 11 and using Spotify version

I know I am not using a standard Android but I did not have any problem until 2 days ago

Your Music (which is the Song/Album/Artist tabs) have a maximum storage of 10,000 tracks. If you have hit that limit, then unfortunately any new content you save will not be saved.

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I just checked my songs, there is 9351

You're near limit. It might be the problem.

Same here, Spotify glitch. I cannot "save" albums. The moment I click "Save" to save an album, the Save button returns to it's same "Save" position, not "Saved." I cannot save any albums except on my cell phone. And I hardly have any saved albums. I doubt there's a limit. It's a glitch.  Spotify, please reply, and please repair.

Hey there.


Sorry for no reply.


This is at right team. Hopefully soon fixed 🙂


Thanks for patience.

Problem solved. Kinda sucks there's a limit on saved albums though.

Hey guys if you're still experiencing this issue please keep posting the following details:

1. Spotify version

2. Android's OS

3. Exact device

4. How many songs you have saved in Your Music



This is a problem on desktop, web, and mobile.


For Android:


1. Spotify

2. Android 4.4.2

3. Samsung Galaxy S4


For Desktop:


1. Spotify

2. Windows 8.1


9,055 Total Songs

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I am now having a problem removing albums where it says its removed but nothing actually goes. Are you getting this too?

I have now just deleted all data, removed the app and reinstalled. Its working OK for now. Not sure if this will last for long though

I'm now getting this problem. i've downloaded a few albums, now i'm trying to download another and it won't let me save it...just out of the blue.


i'm on android device    Samsung Galaxy S5


Spotify version:


Number of Songs: 115

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