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Android App Doesn't Stay Signed In - Losing All Offline Music Every Time. Sick Of It.

Android App Doesn't Stay Signed In - Losing All Offline Music Every Time. Sick Of It.





My SD card became corrupt so I lost all of my offline music. Finally loaded 3000 songs for offline on to new SD card. Go to gym. It had signed me out. Managed to download one small playlist on the gyms crappy free wifi. Went up to gym. Signed out.


I have had nothing but issues with spotify for the last year. Even when my old SD card was working it would randomly delete all of my offline music for no reason. Once before a long flight with no wifi.


You only have to look around this forum to see how shoddy and problematic the app is. What do I do?


Don't insult me by asking me to do a clean install. I've done this more than I've changed underpants this week. It doesn't change anything. I'm sick of having to redownload 3000 songs, which takes a while, then the second I close the app I'm signed out and all music is removed from offline again. I'm one more wipe away from cancelling.


Any help appreciated but again, don't ask me to do a fresh install.







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Hey @adamclayton2002 


You should keep an eye on the 'Offline devices' listed in your account settings. The same device may be added several times which may make your offline downloads to reset. Delete any duplicate or unrecognized devices you may see and let me know how it goes.
Also, try creating a short playlist (50-100 songs would be good), to test if it syncs alright, and confirm the problem is solved.
Hope it helps. 🙂
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