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Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP 1.3)


Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP 1.3)

So i have Spotify on my AVR, PC, Android Mobile, but not in my car. Not a big problem, just connect the phone via bluetooth.

Works like a charm, the only downside, the Song/Album/Artist information is not transmited when using the spotify android app. A quick test with the default android player shows that this works perfectly. I see song/album/artist on the car display.

So please, add this functionality to the android app. (to spare you the search implement A2DP/AVRCP 1.3 🙂

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Same behavior here as mrmdbarton - LG G3 with Spotify doesn't send track info to Chrysler via Bluetooth. IPhone 4 with Spotify works fine, as does built-in phone music player on LG.

Just switched from iPhone 4 to LG G2 and I have lost track info on my car display, unbelievable!

thinking to get an iPhone again, or switch to another service as it seems a never ending issue

does Deezer on android show tracks? Or other music services ?


For all of you still fighting with the song/album/artist info in the car display. There is a little workaround for this issue that helped me.

1. Connect to car via bluetooth

2. Start Spotify --> start playing the song/playlist that you would like to listen too

3. Switch to google music app

4. Press play on any song that you have. Pause it right after.

5. Song/album/artist is shown in the display

6. Switch back to spotify and start the playlist

7. Song/album/artist is also shown.


I know this is kind of annoying but it shows that it definetly is a problem on the spotify side.

I can not guarantee that it will work with your car. With mine it works. (Seat Leon ST)


Good luck!


@ Spotify Support: Please add this function! For people sitting in cars a lot, this is an essential feature!!!

Spotify won't send track info to my pebble. Google play music worked fine for me before this. These bluetooth issues seem to have been going on for a while now with Spotify not doing anything to fix them.

Trackinformation is not displayed in my Ford audio system. That should be a total standard feature (apart from the actual media playback) and I can't understand how this seems to have been a problem for a long time now.

I am also having problems with my Nexus 5 running Kit Kat and Android L Preview.  Both versions have the same behavior.  I have a Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS and Spotify won't show the time/time remaining song information.  Spotify also loses steering wheel controls randomly and the song title freezes from the last working song.  Music continues to play but Spotify doesn't update the song information on the unit and steering wheel controls do not return until I pick up the phone and manually change the song.  This is very frustrating and distracting while driving.


I will mention that before I bought my Nexus 5, I was using an iPhone 5 for about 10 months with the same unit without issues.  Everything seems to work fine in other music apps.  This is definitely a Spotify app issue.


I just joined Spotify due to the family plan, but now I don't get album art over bluetooth on my Model S screen.  Google Play displays the album art perfectly.  I guess it's time to switch back, looks like this issue has been around for a long time and isn't getting fixed.

Come on Spotify - atleast post something here to say what you're doing about this.   2 1/2 years and 13 pages of comments.  What's the point of this community if you don't listen or do anything about the problems your PAYING CUSTOMERS raise here?

Wtf spotify support sucks! Years hearing this issue and not a word?? Effin' lame app!!

I am getting fed up of waiting a fix from Spotify.

all competing apps work on android. I have tried Deezer, tomorrow I start trial of all access service from Google Play, than if not fixed in 30 days, BYE BYE SPOTIFY PREMIUM...

 I drive a new golf gt and have an android phone and I too have the problem with missing art work and info. I think that Spotify's current strategy of sticking their head into the sand, not even acknowledging the problem is lame. Such approach maybe ok in North Korea, but we have a free market and there are better apps out there. 


One again, get your **bleep** together Spotify.

In my new Polo at least Track, Artist and Album name are shown. But album artwork is still missing. I hope this get's fixed rather sooner than later, or at some time I may look for alternative services like Deezer or Google Music.

Any news for this problem?...

I saw this problem with an older car audio receiver but the track and artist information appears to be transmitted on newer models (e.g., 2014 kia sportage).

In my new Seat Leon - so also the VW System - I can control Spotify via bluetooth but track information is not transmitted.


Funny thing though: If I use the Google Play Music App, I can see the track information. Here is what I found out: If you open Google Play Music, shortly play a song, then close the Google Play Music App and open Spotify. Now you see the album and track information from Spotify.


So, there is a workaround, it`s not very convenient though.


In a new Toyota, Spotify transmits track information like a charm. I have no glue, where this funny behavior is coming from. I tried it with a Google Nexus 5. - please tweet or retweet!  They don't respond here... maybe they'll notic on twitter. 

See topic:


The thing that bugs me is that the thread above is made on 14.1.2014 and status is still on 'need more info'.
I think 24 pages of information is plenty of info to do something about it. Right?!


In my search to a fix for this problem I see more and more forum topics...


@ Spotify Staff: "Isnt it time to do something about this problem?"


Same issue with my HTC One M8.
Sometimes the metadata of the current song shows on screen but this will stay even if you play a other song.
Also the progress of the song sticks at 0:00.

  • Brand: HTC and Samsung
  • Model: HTC One M7, HTC One M8 & Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • Android version: 4.4.3
  • Spotify (for Android) version:
  • Car: Seat Leon F5 Limited Edition III
  • SEAT NAVI System software version 0425.

Seems to be working now my LG G3 has been upgraded to Android 5.0.  Not sure if Spotify released any updates as well that hve fixed this but I am still disappointed in the lack of any comment, statement or response on this issue - and it's still a problem for others on older Android versions (which transmit the metadata fine for other music apps).

I updated my Samsung Galaxy S4 with CM Android 5.0, still doesn't working.


Sometimes the artist, track and album names are visible as track information, but sometimes it doesn't show anything.


Device: Samsung S4

Spotify version:

Car: VW Golf 7

Entertainment system: Discover Media


The album art and track progres don't work at all, the other information is showing sometimes.

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