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Android Auto no control when offline

Android Auto no control when offline

Plan: Premium

Country: DE

Device: Huawei Honor View 10 / Android Auto / VW

Operating System:Android


Good morning folks.


Every time my mobile phone goes offline (no internet connection) on the road,

I am unable to use any controls (forward to next song, pause or choose a new playlist) via the android auto or the car built in buttons.


The playlists are available offline btw.

When the Internet connection comes back... I can use all the functionality again via Android Auto.


I have bought the premium version to actually listening to the songs on the road.

Guys... this is a clear bug for me, can you please fix the offline access to the controls for Android auto.

It just happening with a recent Spotify update.


Many thanks for your support.












18 Replies



Sorry this doesnt really help but mine is the same so I think it must be a problem with the latest spotify update.



anyone got an idea, how to officially file this as a bug ? 

Same thing here. If this bug don't get fixed i'll migrate to google play music. When driving is the time i use spotify and that's why i pay it. So if i can't control my offline music while driving via spotify android auto what is the reason to contimue using the services. I still hope that is fixed whithin this month or i'll cancel my premium acc and go to google play music.

I've just noticed  Spotify update in play store so ill try that 

Também estou com o mesmo problema, depois da ultima atualização eu perdi todas as funções pelo volante quando o celular está off line, não consigo avançar as musicas, ou avanço pelo celular ou conecto meu celular na internet.

Espero a correção desse bug urgente, porque alem de pagar o premium eles querem exigir da gente pacote de dados, então porque ter o premium ?

I have also been having this problem since the latest update to Spotify on Android Auto.  The playlist I'm listening to is downloaded to my phone.  Really annoying that I can't skip or pause songs because I have no internet connection.  It worked perfectly for me until this latest update.

I have a similar problem.

I can't access my library, even with offline musics.

The message: "No Internet connection available".


I'm using Android 9 on Moto X4.

Spotify plan Premium, version




Estou tendo o mesmo problema. Essa versão do Spotify nao funciona offline no Android auto. Favor consertar. As versões anteriores não apresentava tal problema acredito ser um equivoco a nova versão ser pior que versões anteriores. Caso não obtiver êxito e o problema persistir irei cancelar minha assinatura.

  • Has this problem finally been solved? It's very frustrating to not be able to change songs. The only solution I came up with is to use my phone to start playing a downloaded playlist while I have wifi. Then as I drive away the playlist keeps playing. There are simply no images and if I leave Android Auto to listen to the radio, for example, I can't go back to the playlist. 

I think this issue is Android Auto, other applications have the same problem. Deezer an others.

I'm not sure if the problem is with Android Auto or Spotify. The reason I think that it's with Spotify is that Audible works fine with AA. I can see the image that goes with the book I'm listening to, and the steering wheel controls work to skip to the next chapter or to listen to a previous chapter. The controls worked with Spotify as well before some time in December. On the 'infotainment' screen, I also used to see the image that went with each song . These were all downloaded/offline songs. When I go running, my Spotify playlists (all downloaded songs) work perfectly. I've spent so many hours trying to figure how to get Android Auto to work again with Spotify. Like others who have complained online, I'm so frustrated. I hope Spotify is listening. Thanks to anyone who thinks they've found a solution!

Its definitely spotify. You can downgrade your version of Spotify to a couple revisions back, and it will work. 

Could someone please do a complete idiots quite to doing this please?
When install an older version will it still have everything there I had downloaded previously? 

If you go to an older version, no i believe it wipes out the local storage.  You will need to download an november 2018 or older build from

Spotify released a beta update yesterday. I am going to test to see if its fixed this afternoon.  installing the beta did leave my downloaded media in place.

It's fixed with today's update 🙂



Thanks a lot for the replies. The day before yesterday I spent about an hour 'chatting' with a very pleasant Spotify rep. who did his (or her?) best to help. However, in the end the recommendation to update Android Auto did not change anything. I told the rep. that they absolutely have to fix things since so many of us have been having similar problems. I presume that Spotify was already working on this issue. It doesn't make sense that people would have to use an older version to make something work better than it does with a newer version. Isn't the whole point of updates to improve how things work? Maybe I'm being overly optimistic! In any case, tomorrow I'll try things again. 

Thanks, dparnell, for giving me hope. Indeed, this morning I drove to work listening to a downloaded playlist... and everything now works perfectly. I had gone to the Playstore and installed the 'fixed' version of Spotify last night. I think the date on it is Dec. 18. If anyone has other issues with Android Auto and Spotify not working, Google your problem. However, pay attention to the year in which the post was created. There's usually no sense looking at a post from a few years ago. In any case, a big thanks to Spotify for getting things to work correctly again offline. Hopefully this is how it will stay! 😊

Ok now the offline music works again via AA with spotify but.... I'm experiencing another problem. When i set the playlist desired and then click to see the list of the songs that are comming next the song that is playing in the moment is not pictured as the one that is playing it is always the song before that get the simbol of the current music playing that is annoiyng. Please fix that spotify! A suggestion? Yes i have. Downgrade to the older version before this facelift one because is is terible! Even the search option is hided from the menu. Awful. .

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