[Android][Developer] The last thing you heard BUG

[Android][Developer] The last thing you heard BUG

I have the Beta version  of Spotify. Iam using Spotify on a S20+ Android device.

everytime i go to the home page  A pop up comes for the announcment The last thing you heard. On the right top site of home screen there is a button for the last songs i played recently. And for the first time you using this mode it makes an Info that this is the new Function. But this Message comes every time i enter the Start menu.

Reinstall doesnt help.

I dont know how to report bugs to Spotify all they say. Do it Here ? But Are they really watch in here ? 

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When you need REAL help contact the Spotify Support on Twitter:  @SpotifyCares


MUCH MUCH MUCH better support as here!

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