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Android Lock Screen Cover

Android Lock Screen Cover





The Netherlands



OnePlus 6T


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Android 9, OxygenOS


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Just to get this clear, almost all of Spotify's updates are awesome, but this one..


Since a few months back Spotify has implemented a feature where it displays your album art on your lock screen, which is totally unnessecary considering it also displays it on your media control notification.


Now, I've let it go since I thought it would get fixed, but no. It's still here unfortunately. Me and a lot of other people despise this feature and would like to turn it off without blocking all notifications.


I've blocked all notifications to prevent it from happening, but now I have to open my Spotify app EVERY TIME I want to do something, like skip; play/pause; previous. For goodness sake, could you guys please just add a switch to turn it off?


It's kind of agressive to just implement a feature which changes your beautiful lock screen to a low quality album art, it was fine and worked perfect before that update. Why did Spotify implement this?


I would love to get this solved.


Best regards

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Hey nurfey,


I'd recommend heading over to the Ideas Exchange and submitting your idea there, if enough people vote on the idea it will be certainly be considered by Spotify!


If the idea is already there, make sure to give it a vote to show your support!


If you need any further help, let me know!


Cheers! 🙂

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