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Android Lollipop - Lock Screen Controls Not Available


Android Lollipop - Lock Screen Controls Not Available



After upgrading to Android Lollipop the lock screen controls are no longer available unless notifications with sensitive information are enabled.  This effects all applications so obviously isn't a preferred option.  Unless this is enabled the lock screen only shows a notification from Spotify and states sensitive information has been hidden (no controls are available).


Can Spotify please advise when a new release with this fix will be available?  This is a major issue for some users as functionality and user experience has significantly diminished.  I'm surprised Spotify hadn't fixed this pre-release of Lollipop as developer previews of Lollipop have been available for months.



Tim Douglas


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I upgraded Spotify a couple hours ago, and this is now fixed. I can pause and skip from the lock screen with no swiping or unlocking. It seems even if they don't respond to complaints, they listen and fix the issues.

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Problem fixed, new feature where you have to allow the phone to display notifications on lock screen,

Missed that one. 

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Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Notification > While Locked > Hide Sensitive Content

Problem solved.

This 100% works, trust me. If not, then you didn't follow the instructions properly. I know as I've done it myself on my Note 4. If you own a different phone, then the options may differ slightly - but they will be there somewhere, I assure you.

One annoying thing: the skip backwards button is omitted - but this is something you'll just have to live with on account of Android simply not having this lock screen feature (as the person above me has just pointed out. Sorry but don't blame me, blame Google! Pause, play and skip forwards should still be available.

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In addition to the above you must allow notifications on the lock screen through the security settings.

Settings > Lockscreen & Security > Notifications

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Sound and notifications>app notifications, select spotify>disable "sensitive notifications".
(Leave all Spotify notifications disabled).

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same here, S7 with Android 6.0.1 and latest Spotify version. No lockscreen control and album art

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On the lock screen you'll get a simple Spotify or Netflix notification with the music title and no control buttons. Simply touch the Spotify or Netflix notification and slide down. You'll have your control buttons back! Worked on my Galaxy A5 with Marshmallow....

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Really embarassing. Can you please fix it?

Having the same issue here.


Please look at this issue ASAP.

For info this is the response I received from Spotify.  Rather disappointed with it as in my mind (and I expect other peoples) this is a critical piece of functionality that is no longer available and they haven't even aknowledged it as being significant.


Looks like it's time to cancel Spotify and change providers.




Thanks for getting in touch with your feedback.


This sounds like a great idea, thanks for sharing! Please feel free to share it on our ideas board.


You can get other users to show their support by voting on the idea. We’ll keep everyone updated on its status. Maybe your idea could even make it into the app some day!

We're always looking to improve and your feedback is critical for it, we're also working hard to comply with all our subscribers' needs, I cannot assure you we'll work directly on the lock-screen functionality for Android Lollipop, but the more supporters your idea has the more chances we have of updating it faster.


Let us know if you have any other great ideas or feedback.

If you need additional assistance drop me a line and I'll be happy to help you.

"This sounds like a great idea"?! Are they kidding?!

This was brought up in support here:


With the new Android Lollipop update, the lock screen controls are completely unavailable. This should be listed as a bug rather than a new idea, but Spotify recommended posting here.So here it is. 


Fix the lock screen controls for Android Lollipop.

It's a very minor tweak, so I can't believe they won't fix it in the next update.


Strange reply, though.


If I could add to this...


The loss of functionality appears to be due to the new "notifications on the lock screen" feature in Android 5.0. Since the old controls appear to be linked to notifications, Spotify does in fact show up on the lock screen. Unfortunately, the only way to actually access the controls as far as I can discern is by allowing it to show full details of notifications. This includes text messages and e-mails, at which point, there is no real reason for a lock screen at all.

Turn on all notifications then disable notifications for the sensitive apps you don't want to appear on the lock screen. Settings - Sound & Notifications - App Notifications

The benefit of having notifications that hide sensitive content, is that the notifications still pop up on the lock screen but the content is hidden.  Disabling notifications for the "sensitive app" doesn't help at all.  But you are right really the only way around it right now is to choose "show all notification content", and then go through each application and turn on the Sensitive option so it will hide content as needed.  Please see here.

Crap! I almost don't want to update my phone to lollipop now!!! GET THIS SORTED!!

Well... same issue here, just got my S5 upgraded to Droid L, and since then I dont see lock screen controls for spotify. I dont like that notification workaround. You can accidentally swipe the control away. The way it looked like on Kitkat was great. I hope the developers will look seriously into this.

That's a form letter. It means "piss off, we won't pay someone to actually read this, so this is a bot reply."

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I upgraded Spotify a couple hours ago, and this is now fixed. I can pause and skip from the lock screen with no swiping or unlocking. It seems even if they don't respond to complaints, they listen and fix the issues.

i have the version , google play store says me its the newest...but i have the same issues with the lockscreen in android 5

Root it and install some modded android version , any suggestion's?

very frustrating. why remove functionality? please fix this. anyone know how without rooting. cheers

The new lollipop lock screen for Spotify is an issue and allowing all notifications as a work around is no where near as nicer user experience as the old kitkat look (imo)

Hey everyone, could you all please try a clean reinstallation to confirm you're on the latest version of the Spotify Android app. 


If you're still having trouble please post a screenshot here along with:

1. Your device

2. The Spotify app version installed


Thanks guys!

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