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[Android][Other] Android Auto polish

[Android][Other] Android Auto polish

As a new user to Android Auto, I'm a bit disappointed with a few things the Spotify app is missing.


  1. I'm unable to see all of my playlists, only the top 10 or so
  2. I'm unable to see any track lists in a playlist to find a song (though Spotify on CarPlay does this)
  3. No shuffle toggle
  4. No repeat toggle
  5. Next/Skip from steering wheel controls isn't mapped to Next in Spotify (perhaps a limitation outside of Spotify's control)
3 Replies

1. That should not happen. How many playlists exactly do you see and how many are missing?
2 & 3. What happens if you press on the left button with the line and the note icon? Should bring up the list of songs. Also clicking on the 3 dots should bring up the shuffle icon.

android auto.jpg


5. This really seems to be a limitation of the specific car since according to the FAQs that should be supported.

Feel free to open a new ideas topic to request the repeat button. Thanks!

Hi, I've noticed the same issue reported by vt_hookie2008 with number 1: all the lists have more or less 10 elements (Playlist, artists, songs, etc). It will be fixed or it's a Android Auto limitation? This bug prevent me to use Spotify with Android Auto 😞

The playlist limitation is the fault of android auto. In the name of safety, Google has limited the amount of scrolling (or clicks) one can do, so there are only a limited number of playlists shown.

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