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I have recently been using Spotify on a Droid Turbo 2 with the default lost screen enabled. With this lock screen swiping up allows user to see notifications or, if music is playing on most apps, control sonds with back, play/pause, and skip. This feature works with all built in music players as well as others such as Soundcloud and Chromecast. 

Unfortunatly while listening to Spotify I must unlock the phone navigate to the app then pause or control music. This is so inefficient and such a waste of a very user friendly system. I hope we can figure this out!

3 Replies

Hey there!

No worries, we'll give you a hand with this.

Try heading to your phone's Settings > Sound & Notifications and pick "Show All" under "When device is locked".

Let us know if that helps.

I have the same issue and that solution didn't fix the issue. Any other ideas?

If you go to the App-Manager and go to the Spotify App.

What excatly is written at the point Notifications?

Is it at normal? Maybe you block notifications from Spotify.




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