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[Android][Podcasts] Sleep timer for podcasts

[Android][Podcasts] Sleep timer for podcasts

As of now on the Android app for Spotify, there are sleep timers for songs, but not for podcasts or an episode of a podcast. Any chance you could simply add the sleep timer as an option there too? I'm mainly asking because I like to have some sort of white noise or rain sound going when I fall asleep and want it to turn off automatically, but most of those sounds only come in the format of an episode of a podcast. On the other hand, you could use the sleep timer on normal podcasts too if you are interested. I mean, can it really hurt to add this as an option?

Thanks for your consideration!

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Hi @MacabeS,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community! 


We're moving your idea submission to the help boards, since the option to set a sleep timer for podcast episodes already exists on Android. You can access it by tapping the crescent icon in the Now Playing view:



Hope this helps. In case you're having trouble with this, it'd be great if you can send over some screenshots so we can see how things look like on your end.

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I have just spent the last 10 minutes looking for this after my parent couldn't find this feature for podcasts.

This was because we were looking in the "3 dot menu" as that's where it is in the music player. Why is it removed from there for podcasts? I understand that it is more useful in the podcast player and therefore should be located where it currently is. But if I didn't know that, how would I find it?

It seems a little opaque. Maybe add the option back to the podcast "3 dot menu" with a suggestion to use the existing one?


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