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Android Preview Bugs & Suggestions (Now Playing & Widget)

Android Preview Bugs & Suggestions (Now Playing & Widget)

Hi! First, I LOVE the new layout on Android. And the biggest bug in the previous version (app force closing when adding a song to a playlist) has been fixed so thanks for that!


One thing I've noticed is that if the last screen I was using on the app was the "Now Playing" screen, when I load the app again, clicking the "X" doesn't close the screen; I hit the "back" arrow on my phone and it closes the program, which isn't a big deal but is annoying.


Also, what happened to the widget??? I miss it!!


oh, and I have a HTC Droid Incredible 1 and 2 on which I use Spotify; but I've only used the new version on  the 2. It runs on the most recent update of Android 2.3.

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I have the same problem on my Galaxy Nexus running ICS. The only way to solove this now is by force closing the app and start it again. Then I also discovered that the settings for shuffle/ repeat don't save if I force close...



Hi there,


I found that issue with the now playing screen and added it to my 'glitch' thread:


The isssue with shuffle and repeat settings not being persistent is on the 'missing features and wishlist' thread:




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