[Android][Search] Improve Android Auto Functionality - From Uber Driver


[Android][Search] Improve Android Auto Functionality - From Uber Driver


Hello, I have just started using Android Auto. I much prefer using Spotify this way over using Bluetooth for the aesthetic appeal and reliability of sound quality over bluetooth. I am an Uber driver in Sydney and I like to provide a premium experience for my passengers whereby they listen Spotify Premium and can select their own music. Unfortunately the functionality and UI of Spotify is too limited to be useful and safe whilst driving. The Driver is not the only person using the dashboard in a car, passengers are the more likely user in a car   if they are present, but this still fully applies to solo driving.


Let alone as a driver my passengers often want to hear specific music, as there is no search functionality this is impossible. You can browse the Spotify recommended playlists as well as your own, browsing unknown playlists is very distracting whilst driving so I can't see how the ability to view this is acceptbale but not search for something particular.


Also, when you click on a playlist it starts automatically playing and you then need to use the song queue to find a song in the playlist. This sucks when you want to go back to a song that someone really likes as you have to reload the playlist from the start and then search through the queue again. Every time. It would be so much better to have a play all soft button at the right side of the playlist and if you touch the text it goes straight to the playlist itself and to be safer it goes to the song that is currently playing on the list with a soft button to skip to the top quickly if desired.


A more easily accessible button to Like or Favourite songs that is always visible would be great for when playing unknown playlists and quickly and effortlessly getting to it would be great. These little tweaks and additional functionality would greatly increase the safety and usability of the app on Android Auto. I really hope to see them soon.