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[Android][Search] Voice Search on Spotify Busqueda por voz

[Android][Search] Voice Search on Spotify Busqueda por voz

Since there is no option on search for a tittle or artist in Spotify app, there is a way, I think that most of the common keyboards have the microphone option for voice dictation, but in My case on a Samsung device with the samsung keyboard was not available, I solved this changing to Google keyboard. If you have the same problem and want to use voice search on Spotify this is a very easy solution. Greattings from Buenos Aires.


Ya que no hay una opción para buscar un título o un artista en la aplicación de Spotify, hay una manera, creo que la mayoría de los teclados tienen la opción del micrófono para dictado por voz, pero en mi caso en un dispositivo Samsung con teclado Samsung no estaba disponible, resolví esto cambiando al teclado de Google. Si tienen el mismo problema y quieren usar búsqueda por voz en Spotify está es una solución muy fácil.
Saludos desde Buenos Aires.

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Hey @6u9c9qu2gf7s4rh,


Thanks for providing users with this workaround.

There's an existing idea for this feature in the Idea Exchange here - make sure to add your vote to it!


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions 🙂

I have android and i don't have the option of microphone to look what song do you want? I have android and the app doesn't have this choice 


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