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[Android] Shuffle my saved/downloaded songs

[Android] Shuffle my saved/downloaded songs

I am referring to this idea which is already closed unfortunately so I cannot give an answer... It is stated that the library function has changed recently and in order to shuffle my saved or downloaded songs I have to 'like' them.


The point is: I dont see a possibility to 'like' my songs - neither in the Android app nor in the desktop app - exept for the song that is currently playing. How is this supposed to go?


I already saved a lot of albums and all songs in each album in my library (which was a pain because it wasn't enough just to save the album but I had to save each song with ctrl+a -> right click -> save to library for each(!) album too). In total I saved more than 4k songs and now I want to shuffle them. Within the desktop app I can easily go to 'Songs' and hit play and the shuffle button. But how do I additionally 'like' all my songs in my library in order to shuffle them on my phone? And why do I need to do such extra work?


For the most part I also downloaded my saved albums on my phone to save some mobile data. So I have them saved and downloaded and now I need to 'like' my songs just to shuffle them. I do not want to click 'like' for each and every of my 4k songs (and wait for it to play so that the 'like' button appears).


So please Spotify give us a 'shuffe my songs' button or a 'songs' tab like in the desktop app so that we can press play and then shuffle on our own.



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