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(Android) Spotify Cutting Out Randomly

(Android) Spotify Cutting Out Randomly

Hey all.


So recently this thing started up where the song I'm listening to will cut out for a split second every now and then, sometimes it does it to a point where a couple seconds of the song is just silent. I noticed that this seems to only happen when my device is on 'sleep mode' (or whatever its called when the screen is off). My device is a Samsung Galaxy S6 and the current android version is 7.0. I've tried a bit with changing a couple of battery settings but it didn't change it. If anyone has any solutions I'd gladly appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

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Did you check out this post on samsung power management?

Yeah I tried out what it said. Problem still occuring.

So have you turned off the samsung power saving mode completely? Did you also exclude spotify from the android's battery optimisation?

Power saving mode is completely off and I dont tend to use it anyways. In terms of the battery optimisation thing I couldnt find a specific setting called that, however, there was a list called "Unmonitored Apps" in the battery setting and I added spotify to that list but still no change.

OK so you have the two main areas covered. Are you getting these drop-outs when streaming and when listening to music you have downloaded? If it just happens with streamed music, check your wifi settings under "advanced". I have disabled Wifi power saving mode and set "Keep wifi on during sleep" to "always".

Just checked and it occurs while I'm listening to music offline as well as when I'm online as well.

Hey have you figured this out yet? My friend and I's spotify is doing the same thing, same type of galaxy.

Still happening for me sadly. Pretty sure it's actually getting worse 😕

Same issues. Same phone/system. Have tried all suggested fixes. Same problem

After doing the above fixes, I deleted the app a second time, rebooted and issue seems fixed now. Thanks for the strings, Joe

There was an update last night for my phone and it looks like it's been fixed. Thanks all for the help ❤️

They'll probably break it in the next update but I'm glad it's sorted for now.

Same issue on an Android. The stream just cuts out for a split second. Sounds like the needle is skipping on an album. Frustrating.

I'm experiencing the same issue. The most annoying part is that it only happens every once in awhile. I was listening fine just now, then all of a sudden it started cutting out really bad out of nowhere. I'm on Android Nougat on a Galaxy S6. The problem will probably go away in the next 10 mins or so and then be back tomorrow, etc. Very annoying.

Same problem here on Huawei. Isn't a Samsung problem. It's a bug from latest release. 

I'm seeing the same issue on a Pixel 2 XL w/ latest Oreo update and all apps up to date.


It always seems to start out fine, then start skipping after 5-10 minutes of playtime. Once it starts it gets progressively worse until I get pissed off and stop the music. If I watch the progress bar while it's happening, the progress bar continues to advance, but there is no sound.


I've attempted to fix by rebooting the device and by re-installing spotify (and rebooting again). Re-install + reboot seemed to work at first, but problems returned shortly after.


Oddly enough, this does NOT seem to happen over bluetooth to my Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones, but happens every time I use the device speakers, the stupid USB-C to headphone dongle, or bluetooth to connect to my car. I have ONLY seen this problem with Spotify, never with YouTube, browsers, reddit apps, or a host of other ways of getting sound to play on my device. Additionally, I've replicated the issue streaming on wifi and LTE, as well as with offline-synced songs (even with offline mode enabled).


Unfortunately, I see this as a completely "game-breaking" bug, and if it's not resolved VERY shortly I will be dropping my entire family account to move to Google Play Music. I'm on what is arguably the baseline Android device and this app still doesn't work correctly, in fact, when looking through battery managment options it hasn't even been correctly updated to work on Android 8 (see here: If I examine the Spotify settings it shows the "legacy" slider), which is quite sad for an app with such a huge install base.

I am having the same problem, it's cutting out on my phone normally and does it while I'm bluetoothed and when I plug in my ear buds. What can I do?

I have I Moto Z2 force and mine has been doing the same thing is it a bug either the app?


Following up: In addition to utilizing the string of fixes that have been posted before in this string and on this msg board, my Android "skipping" problem also continues to persist. The only thing that has helped is download a playlist on my Droid & play while in airplane mode (can still use the Bluetooth earbuds). This results in plays without the skips.

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