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Android Wear 2.0 & Offline Playback

Android Wear 2.0 & Offline Playback

Does spotify have the ability to download playlists to android wear for offline playback on the watch giving me the ability to leave my phone at home? 


The wear app doesn't work for me at all on my LG Watch Sport / Pixel XL.

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I've been researching this extensively since Wear 2.0 was released and there has been radio silence from Spotify. In fact, they've been weirdly resistant to doing this historically:







Maybe the fact that their Wear 1.0 app isn't supported on your new Wear 2.0 device means that they're cooking up a new, far-improved app with off-line playback?


I'm a Premium member and this is my #1 request (for running). In fact, I haven't bought a smartwatch yet due to this lack of support 😞 


Pretty please, Spotify? Can you build a better app that supports Off-line support for Wear 2.0 devices? We're paying subscribers!

I'm going to move to Google Play music if this isn't done on the new 2.0 app.  

Right there with ya. Wear 2.0 supports offline playback for Google Play Music playlists, so if Spotify doesn't correct this gap soon I'll drop my subsiciption with them and start paying for Play Music. Darned shame, there's really no reason I know of why Spotify can't support offline on Wear 2.0, since it supports stand-alone apps...

I've been with GPM for over a year now. I subscribed to premium thinking this feature was there already.

I also will be switching to GPM if spotify does not support offline playback on my AW 2.0 device soon. Works fine with google. 

Wow, Spotify. I want to love you folks, but... this is where you should be swooping in, assuaging our concerns that you are going to be releasing such an obviously-needed feature. Right?!


This thread alone seems to suggest you'll be losing customers left-and-right...

+1. Just bought a smartwatch and it sucks not being able to sync Playlists with the watch. I am thinking of switching to Google if this persists. I'll give you one month

Hey spotify,
can you please add the offline playback to your new android wear 2.0 app? i speak for many users who want this feature so much! please make it happen!
thanks & greets

Already in the 4 month trial period for google play music. Will have dual subscription for some time to come.

I am already waiting for the offline support for the tizen app on my Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 for three month now. When they launched the app in december I was absolutely sure that offline support is the next update...but nothing happened. No communication, no announcements, nothing. I have lost my optimism for tizen and for wear 2.0 as well so i will have to switch to GPM. Cannot understand this...

I was thinking the same but after testing Google Play Music and realize that it's really not possible to compare one to the other I cancelled Google and switch back to Spotify.
If you like to discover music stay and wait for Spotify, they will probably going to realize that their heads must be removed​ from...[finish this the way you like]. But if you only build your own playlist or listen to complete albums it will be really easy for you to make this move.

Just do it. Spotify doesn't care about premium users.

Spotify, please update on if/when this will be available! I am one of many who will reluctantly switch to Google play if you don't offer it!

google "mighty audio" , it's the next best thing. They are in the final certifacation stage w/ Spotify. I agree though, this is a simple request that adds a ton of value.


It has something to do w/ DRM rights (offline song storage) though and spotify has a rigourus certification process .. to do this for all the different watches seems daunting.

Just got a huawei watch 2 LTE... Very sad I can't stream or offline Spotify... GPM works perfectly and I don't want to switch..... Please update app otherwise I will soon 😓

hmm shame this doesn't work. You would think spotify would be one of the first to get ahead of things like this. It's a way to get extra customers and more publicity.


I'm definitely going to try out Google Play for these features.

I'm a premium user and I've also been thinking of moving on from Spotify for some time now.
Their **bleep**ty wear support strengthens my resolve to do so
Also, there's issues with their Android app in caching, it doesn't completely remove songs when I remove them from offline in the app and over time this results in the app taking a huge amount of memory on my device

Offline play for my Polar M600. Google Music offers it, so here I come, bye bye Spotify for now. But I'll come back real fast if Spotify makes offline play possible, since Google Music sucks otherwise.

I have also huawei watch 2 lte and it say connection failed.. How is it possible

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