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Android Wear support status

Android Wear support status


there is a lot of confusion on Internet about how spotify supports android wear.


I own a sony smartwatch 3 and it seems that Spotify doesn't have a specific wear application but only pops up controls when running on the phone. Therefore:

* No smartwatch only offline play mode

* No control of playlist etc etc

* No direct streaming via smartwatch Bluetooth


Is that true? I'm missing an update?

There is some beta to address thoose problems?

There is a timeframe for the release of such features?





PS: Thoose features are all UP&Running on Google Play Music!


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Currently, you can only use your Android Wear to Control Spotify and that's it. In my opinion, it's not a must-have because the watch is still not a good replacement of the phone.


Hope this helps 🙂

Smartwatches like the sony one, are very good for running/cycling without the phone.

They could be a full (and better) phone replacemnet in thoose situations.

You can track the run and listen to music, but only with google play music!


I bought the smartwatch because of this news:


But it seems that spotify failed the promise, forcing me to consider alternatives.



To have more information, you should see this article . I know that it's convenient when it can run standalone and not rely with the phone, but it's not yet available. So, I recommend you to submit your idea on the Idea Submissions section because it will have more exposure there.


Hope this helps 🙂

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