Android Widget Removal


Android Widget Removal

Community Manager
Community Manager

We’re here to let you know that we are retiring the Spotify Widget for Android this week. 


We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously. We’re pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users.


You can still easily access the same playback features as well as information about what is playing through the Spotify playback notification and device lockscreen.


Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 12.49.40 PM.png


To access the playback controls on Android simply swipe down while you are using Spotify to access the controls.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 12.49.48 PM.png


If you’re interested in learning more about how the app evolves, check out our article about testing and why features change.


We’re also welcome to feedback from our users. The best way to give us feedback to is to write an Idea in our Idea Exchange




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone,


Thank you for all the feedback you’ve given us so far. We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously, and do want your continued feedback. The best way for us to measure your comments are via votes in our Idea Exchange. 


For this reason we're going to lock this thread. We encourage you to move to the Idea Exchange area where you can vote and comment on feature requests. The idea most relevant to this thread is below:



Rest assured that your opinion matters to us and that it goes into making Spotify the best it can be.

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This reminds me of the time when Spotify in their infinite widsom decided to remove the play controls from the notification icon on Windows..  "to improve the user experience" or some such nonsense excuse...  *sigh*



Please, bring back the Widget! Make me happy again!

And to Mr. Kalle Persson, Senior Product Manager, Spotify:

Please also introduce a new Spotify Android settings option:

- " Resume play after interuption "

After every time I visited a separate news or youtube video, I have to go

back to the Spotify app and restart the music playing. Not so practical.

Please make automatic resume play a selectable option.




Couldn't have the widget and notification area? I used the widget daily for about 3 years now. 


What a remarkably dumb decision. Do you know who does have a widget? Pandora. Google Music. Amazon Music. I'll be looking to them now. 


This is a stupid decision. Removing features people actually use is not the way forward. I only ever accessed Spotify through the widget and now its gone just the stupid swipe down notification thing. 


This is probably the stupidest move you ever made. It doesn't solve any issues, because there were no issues to begin with. You are not about the consumer as you claim you are, it's all about saving a buck and it doesn't matter who you screw over in the process. Yes, it's just a few extra clicks but if you have kids running around or you are in a rush or exercising or whatever people don't have time to do those "few extra clicks". It is inconveniencing the consumer and you really, truly do not seem to care in the slightest. As a long time consumer and avid user I am not happy, as are many others. I am seriously debating on switching to a different provider. 


This is not solved! Don't be so arrogant to say this is solved! Bring back the Android widget right away. Your company is now low IQ for sure. I believed in your company but that's no longer. Obviously you don't care about your customers, bring back the widget! 


I already had cancelled my subscription due to the horrible-pointless app updates.  Now taking away this feature that bothered no one, without asking your customers about it before, and then recommend that if they want it back, they should leave a vote about it, even though the "idea" is in a 'Not Right Now' status...


Guess I'm staying on other music streaming services a little longer. Sad to see how the mighty have fallen.

Casual Listener

Dear Spotifail, thanks for the free Google Home Mini you offered me as a reward for my fidelity a few months ago.

I have heard it integrates perfectly with Google Play Music and guess what : they have very innovative features such as Android Widget.



Good bye, losers!


The notification will only show while something plays. The lockscreen? What lockscreen my phone unlocks the second i look at it. all in all this change **bleep**. The player was always Horible to controll on the phone but now it somehow got even worse, seems like i need to look for an alternative!


Can't believe yall took this off!!! It was the main thing I liked about the Spotify app for andriod.  Should have atleast made it an option to keep it, yall are a**holes!


I literally made an account just to comment how frustrating this is. This is the last straw, even if you fix it, you've proven your mentality. Loved your app like a year ago, but as times gone by, you have removed pretty much everything about your app I liked. Awful UI now, awful organizational options, no more lyrics, keep finding songs blanked out I use to have and was able to play, now something I use every single day is taken off and you treat us like idiots in voting for it to come back with your passive way of saying "we don't give a F what you vote on, this is progress and what you want." Heaven forbid I use my android phones unique ability to have widgets. Just look at how nice that default app fits my layout now too. Screw you and you're company. Off to Google Play Music! 



Why would you remove something that was OPTIONAL? If you don't use it, fine. I get it. But to remove it for those who do use it, and heavily, is mind blowing. And no option for replacement? Who came up with this idea, and why do I get the sense that no one cares? Here vote for this thing we marked “Thanks, but no” It took well over a year to get the Roku app back on my TV, so I am not holding my breath that they will get the hint and put the widget back in any reasonable time frame.

Casual Listener

Just cancelled my premium subscription. Started a plan with Google play music. Guess what, they have a great widget! Everyone should give it a try.


I have been using this widget all day every day since it first came out! I don't like having to use the dropdown, it's not always there. Now I have a blank page on my phone... Not a good idea. Please bring it back!!!


This will be an excellent test to see how much Spotify respects their customers.


Tick tock Spotify. 


We are watching and waiting for our widget weturning. 💚 JFDI xxx


I was fortunate enough to read this via news before my app updated to this broken version. I have disable the auto-update feature for this app so I can keep using the widget. I suggest other people try and do the same if they haven't been updated yet.


Also I'd like to mention that the update notes for the app are utterly useless. All it basically says is: "we updated stuff". So you are removing a feature I that I use constantly, and many more people like me it seems, but never mention this in the update notes.


I use this in my car on the android tablet mounted to my dashboard.

If I die because of this, it's on you. :'(


I hate that this was removed. I use it every single day. Hoping that you bring it back. Not understanding why it was removed in the first place, especially for paying customers. Please add it back ASAP.


Someone should get fired for**bleep**.



Please bring back the widget feature! It's how I primarily use Spotify.