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[Android][Your Library] Syncing between devices

[Android][Your Library] Syncing between devices

I use spotify on both my work computer and my phone. Throughout the day, I add songs to my liked songs while at work and then will want to listen to them on my commute home/to school, but the playlist refuses to sync. I've closed the app, turned off my data completely and back on to try to get it to refresh, restarted my phone. Nothing works. I've seen on this form to log out, delete the app, and reinstall a fresh version of the app as the only solution, but that deletes all of my downloaded content and makes me download it again. I have a data cap on both my Wi-Fi and my cellular data, so if I delete the app and my data it will be a substantial amount of data usage to redownload, and this issue happens A LOT. Often, I have to wait days for the playlists to finally sync. It's really annoying because I will be excited to hop in my car and listen to some new music I discovered, just to find I cant. 


Is there any work around or suggestions for this? This issue is big enough that I would be cancelling spotify premium over this if I didn't have student pricing. 

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I meant to add, my suggestion is to fix this. Because I saw a similar post on this forum, with a person saying they had the exact same issue, from 2 years ago. That issue should be fixed by now. 

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