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Android & iOS: Doesn't play next song automatically

Android & iOS: Doesn't play next song automatically

When a song is finished, it just stops playing, then nothing more. Pause button is visible. Progress bar says 0 or 1 seconds left of song. Must press next manually for something to happen. This bug happens on Android and iOS. It is very annoying to pull my phone out of my pocket to press next.


Another bug, when Internet connection is lost, for example by driving in tunnel, I can't play offline songs.


What I have is basically a music app that can't play music.

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I have the same issue. Even on offline playlists.

This only happens when there is a bad internet connection. At my worklocation where the connection is thru a proxy and not the quickest.


Downloading, browsing, selecting, start playing, all without issues, only automatically starting the next song is failling.



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