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Android: downloaded files storage option not working

Android: downloaded files storage option not working







Sony Xperia 

Operating System

Android 8.00


My Question or Issue

I have a SD card in my cellphone but it seems that the app doesn't recognize it. Theoretically one should be able to store downloaded songs in it and I have followed the instructions given in the support page, but as I click on "Other" in the Settings page of the app nothing happens. I figure the app simply can't find the SD card. I wonder why, since I do have other types of files stored in it. I need help with this and would be very grateful to find some. 

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Hey @IGS1,


Thanks for reaching out to us!  


Try the following steps: 

  1. Enable permission for storage option for Spotify. This can be accessed by going to Settings>Apps>Spotify>Permissions>Storage.

  2. Do a clean reinstall as explained here

Keep us posted 🙂

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If I clear not only cache but also data berofe uninstalling the app my
account and all my playlists will vanish and I'll have to open a new
account and lose playlists and also downloaded files, right? As to the
playlists lost, is there a way to at least save the names of the tracks and
performing artists? The downloaded files I'll lose in this operation will,
nonetheless, still be considered downloaded for the limit of ten thousand
downloads? I much appreciate your guidance in these matters too. Thank you


Thank you very much for your help but it didn't work and, in the process of trying to follow the suggested steps, I found out I have another problem. First I enabled permission for storage, no problem there but it wasn't enough.

Then I tried the clean reinstall but I'm not allowed by the sistem to uninstall the app! I guess, it was already installed in the phone when I bought it. What should I do?

If there is a way around this, I take this opportunity to ask if my playlists will vanish after cleaning all data from the app before uninstalling it. The file attached below shows that I do not have the uninstall option in the sistem. The word "desativar" does not mean uninstall and the other option also doesn't have anything to do with it. I can only uninstall upgrades. 



The playlist should be stored on your spotify profile
try to log in to spotify using a browser in a computer and the playlist should appear there

If you deactivate the app this is like uninstalling (at least when the app came pre installed as this case) so you can deactivate the app, then re enable it and update from the google play store


And FYI I have the same issue, I can't store offline music on my SD Card since I update the app, is really annoying because my phone does not have too much internal storage

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