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App components are too large for low resolution screens

App components are too large for low resolution screens

My Question or Issue

When using Spotify (latest version as of now) with low resolution screens, the app components are just too large. They are barely usable at all, and in some scenarios completely unusable - see demo below. In these cases, I usually resort to controlling the app from my phone (so my Android phone controls the Spotify instance my the Android device of my car. Pretty inconvenient).

The demo below shows a common scenario for me:

- Spotify runs while Waze is running in the background. This makes Spotify show the Waze banner, which takes some vertical space.

- A track is already playing, so the "currently playing" banner takes more vertical space.

- This makes browsing search results impossible - there's just nowhere that Spotify can pick up the scrolling gesture. I enabled "show pointer" from Developer Options show you'll be able to see where my finger(s) touches the screen.


DEMO - gif won't fit here

Proposed Solutions - either:

- Add an option in the app to scale down the components a little.

- Add an option to hide the Waze banner. I can disconnect Spotify from the Waze side of things but it's not very convenient - there's no reason Waze won't be able to control Spotify.


Generic car Android 6 device (MTCD, but it really doesn't matter), with screen resolution of 800x480px. These resolutions are typical for car media systems (well, not all of us have Teslas with, I don't know, 8K displays ‌‌😛).

Operating System 

Android 6 Marshmallow

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