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App constantly changes my music quality...

App constantly changes my music quality...







Google Pixel 3

Operating System

Android Pie (9), most current version


My Question or Issue

The app keeps downgrading my music quality.  I always keep it set to Very High and multiple times per week the app changes it back to the defaults, usually without me even doing anything except listening.  My app is kept up to date and the current version is  Any help is greatly appreciated as this is annoying.


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Same here. I've this exact issue for some months or even years now.

atm on a Galaxy S9 with the latest Pie update and a SD card with enough space for my "very high" downloads.



I beg you... Please create an ISSUE out of this. 100 reproducable if you're downloading songs and the phone switches to standby mode.

Try to keep it on when downloading 5.000+ songs.

This CAN'T be an Android/phone related problem as I had this for some months and my friends are experiencing the same phenom.


Oh and yeah, just for reference:

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